Paypal stops payments for Pornhub – Is this Rise of Verge Crypto?

Paypal is no more a payout method in PornHub


Financial giant Paypal has announced they are no more supporting Pornhub with their payment systems. Withdraws are frozen and Pornhub has officially called out the performers to contact them for support on withdrawals.

As per Pornhub currently, more than 100,000 live porn artists use Paypal as a payment method on their platform. Financial institutions have been hard on the porn industry and with Paypal moving back as a preferred payment method a vital opportunity can be seen for Cryptocurrencies in Porn Industry

binance pornhub tweet
Binance pornhub tweet

CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao in an official tweet has also called this as a great opportunity for cryptocurrencies to be the preferred mode of payment. Currently, Pornhub offers Direct Debit, Payments by Check, Paxum and Verge Cryptocurrency as payment methods.

Opportunity for Verge (XVG) to rise as Paypal stops payments for Pornhub

Pornhub added verge and a couple more Cryptocurrencies (Tron and Zcash) as a mode of payment in April 2018. According to Pornhub crypto transactions offer a lot more privacy to the users. The banking industry has not been very supportive of the porn industry-related payments and everyone has doubts about accepting porn-related payments directly to their bank account.

Verge is currently the only cryptocurrency which can be used as a payment withdrawal method on Pornhub. Using cryptocurrency as a payment method provides you the privacy everyone wants with porn-related payments. Despite being a great payment mode some users are still doubtful about using crypto because they are not much familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Beginner’s Guide to Withdraw through Verge on PornHub

Here is an easy step by step process how you can start withdrawing funds securely through verge on Pornhub

1 – Create a Cryptocurrency wallet

Get Multiple Free Cryptocurrency wallets on World’s largest exchange Binance. Sign up for a Free account on Binance. Use this link

Creating an account on Binance will give you a Verge Wallet where you can accept your Verge Cryptocurrency.


You can also download Verge wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux or for your Mobile phone from their official website.

2 – Enter Verge Withdrawal Address on Pornhub website

Copy your Verge wallet address and paste it on Pornhub’s verge withdrawal page. Submit a request to withdraw Verge on your Crypto Wallet.

3 – Trade your Verge with BTC and withdraw in Fiat currencies (USD, CAD, GBP or any local currency)

If you have your Verge wallet on an online exchange you can easily trade your Verge(XVG) with Bitcoins(BTC) on XVG/BTC markets. Convert your verge to Bitcoin for easy conversion to your county’s domestic currency.

Use LocalBitcoins or Paxful to get Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal or any other mode you will like to get your money. Click on the links to visit their website.

This is an easy 3 step guide to trade/withdraw and sell bitcoins or Verge for cash or your local currency.

Impact On Verge Market Price

verge price movement
verge price movement

Paypal’s decision to pull back withdrawal support to Pornhub has resulted in a positive uptrend for Verge. The verge coin’s market price has gone up from USD 0.003786 to USD 0.004788 since the news has been made public. Verge shows great potential in the future if it becomes a preferred mode of withdrawal on Pornhub. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies along with the privacy they offer makes it a good contender in the race.


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