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Crypto Mastery Course Content

1 – Understanding Crypto / Clearing the Fundamentals

What are Cryptocurrencies
What is Bitcoin? and what is its current use case.
What are Altcoins?
What are Tokens?
What are Coins?

What are Stable Coins?


2 Understanding Bitcoin Mining / Is it for me?

What is Proof of Work?
What is Proof of Stake?
What are Fair Launch Coins?
What is Staking?
What is Farming?

3 – Centralized Exchanges & Decentralized Exchanges / Where to Invest Smartly?

What are centralized exchanges?
What are decentralized exchanges?
How to create an account in Exchanges.

4 – Types of Crypto wallets/ Which is the Best for you?

Centralized Exchange Wallets
Software Wallets
Hardware Wallets

5 – What are Spot accounts & Futures accounts / How can I do trading with less risk?

What is Crypto Trading
Spot trading
Futures Trading
Fundamentals of Trading

6 – How to research in crypto / Learn how to study Cryptocurrencies

Coinmarketcap and Coingecko
Understanding Maximum Supply, Total Supply
Understanding Market Cap & Fully Diluted Market Cap

7 – What is Decentralized Finance / Is this the future of Finance?

How to earn in De-fi
Is De-fi Safe?

8Β  – What are NFT’s / Can we make wealth from NFT’s?

How to invest in NFT’s
Future of NFT’s

9 – Crypto Wednesday Sessions / Steady guidance on your way with Crypto Investing.

1 Hour of Live Crypto Analysis, Studying New Altcoins and opportunities in markets. Q&A


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