Ethereum 2.0 promises to be more environment friendly, scalable and efficient.

The crypto space is going through a buzz since it’s pegged as a game-changer for the financial industry, however, it contributes massively to rising carbon emissions. bitcoin consumes an insane quantity of energy due to mining through fossil fuels, and it has already brought on international outrage amid issues of weather change. If cryptocurrencies want … Read more

Are Indian Banks Processing Crypto Transactions Now?

Are Indian Banks Processing Crypto Transactions Now_

  On April 2018 Reserve Bank of India rolled out a circular to Indian banks to ban any transactions related to cryptocurrencies which led to a huge fall in the value of cryptocurrencies in India.Β  One question which has been bothering everyone since then is, Are Indian banks processing crypto transactions now? A lot of … Read more

What is WRX Coin?

Binance Acquires WazirX

Bianace acquires WazirX Crypto Exchange in India – What is WRX Coin? Is this the Rise of WazirX Coin (WRX) Legit? Complete Review   On November 21’ st Binance in an official blog post has announced that it will be acquiring Mumbai based crypto exchange WazirX. A transaction of $5 to $10 million has been … Read more

Paypal stops payments for Pornhub – Is this Rise of Verge Crypto?

Paypal stops payments for Pornhub

Paypal is no more a payout method in PornHub   Financial giant Paypal has announced they are no more supporting Pornhub with their payment systems. Withdraws are frozen and Pornhub has officially called out the performers to contact them for support on withdrawals. As per Pornhub currently, more than 100,000 live porn artists use Paypal … Read more