Buy Bitcoins without a Credit or Debit Card

Top 3 platforms to Buy Bitcoins without a Credit or Debit Card

The popularity of Bitcoins has been on a rise since the bull run of 2017 and more people are looking forward to investing in bitcoins. This increasing popularity has increased the demand to buy bitcoins. There are a lot of platforms to buy bitcoins in the economically stronger countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc, where you can easily buy bitcoins with a credit card. A lot of smaller countries which are not so crypto-friendly are still looking for ways to buy bitcoin without a credit or debit card.

Alternate options to buy bitcoins other than credit and debit cards are Gift cards, Cash, Amazon cards, Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, Zelle, Paytm, Bank transfers, etc. Users can buy bitcoins anonymously with some of these options. Users residing in countries that are not crypto-friendly, buying bitcoin with these methods could be a good option. Here are some of the best and most convenient methods to buy bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoin with a Gift Card?

Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card
Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card

The word Bitcoin is gaining pace day by day and anyone living in the twentieth century should be aware of the pro and cons of this digital currency. While most of us know that Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not regulated by any financial entity but we still don’t have enough exposure to it. Bitcoin Gift Cards are an easy way to introduce your family, friends and loved ones with the currency of the future.  Bitcoin gift cards are also a great way to gift value in form of digital currency.

Bitcoin gift cards are also an easy way to quickly buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin gift cards can be brought online or from stores. Bitcoin gift cards are available for various amounts and can easily be redeemed on the Gift card provider’s website. Various companies provide their crypto gift cards because it is one of the fastest, secure and reliable ways to purchase Cryptocurrency.

Top 3 Platforms 

Localbitcoins – Buy bitcoins with Skrill, Neteller, Payza,  Zelle, Amazon cards and more

Localbitcoins is one of the most famous and convenient ways of buying bitcoins. Local bitcoins provide you with an Instant, Secure and Private network to buy bitcoins. Local bitcoins is available in 7816 cities and 248 countries which makes it one of the biggest platform. Localbitcoins also provides several payment methods to easily purchase bitcoins.

To buy bitcoins through the Localbitcoins platform, visit the Official Website of Localbitcoins. Type in the amount you would like to purchase and select your preferred payment methods. Once you start searching you will find a number of sellers who are providing trade offers. Select one of the sellers looking at important parameters like the number of trades, feedback score, and price offered for bitcoin.

Select a trusted seller and check the Seller’s terms of trade. If you agree with the terms of trade simply start a trade with the seller. Once you start a trade and seller agrees, his bitcoins would get held in an escrow account. Make the payment and confirm the receipt of the transaction to the seller. Seller will release the bitcoins once he receives the payment. In case if the seller does not release the bitcoins, you can contact the local bitcoins team and provide them with the receipt. Localbitcoins team can release the bitcoins after validating the payment in this case. Know more about Localbitcoins, the easiest way to buy bitcoins here.

Paxful – Buy Bitcoins with Paypal, Bank transfers, Gift cards and more

Buy Bitcoin on Paxful
Buy Bitcoin on Paxful

Paxful is another platform which is a great way to buy bitcoins with multiple payment methods. Paxful is also a peer to peer, networks like Localbitcoins where a transaction directly takes between a buyer and a seller. Paxful is also a great way of buying bitcoins as it is available in multiple countries.

To buy bitcoins on Paxful, visit the Paxful website Enter the amount for which you wish to buy bitcoins, select your preferred payment method and search for offers. Multiple sellers offer different rates and verification methods. Choose a seller checking stats like the number of trades and successful transactions. Paxful also provides escrow security to its buyers. Working with Paxful is very similar to that of Localbitcoins.

BitQuick – Buy Bitcoins with Cash, Moneygram and Western Union

Bitquick is another great way to buy bitcoins with cash, Moneygram or Western Union. Bitquick commits fast transactions that bitcoins can be easily bought in just three hours.

Start a transaction to Buy bitcoin on Bitquick. Enter the amount for which you wish to buy crypto and select your preferred crypto. Bitquick offers you to buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Select your preferred mode of payment (Cash / Moneygram, Western Union) on the next screen. A number of options to deposit are available. Select a convenient deposit center and keep your receipt safe after the transaction. Submit a picture of the receipt to Bitquick and your Bitcoins will be released after verification.

These were some of the easy ways to buy Bitcoin, We will keep on sharing news and trends from the crypto sphere.

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