What is WRX Coin?

Bianace acquires WazirX Crypto Exchange in India – What is WRX Coin? Is this the Rise of WazirX Coin (WRX) Legit? Complete Review


On November 21’ st Binance in an official blog post has announced that it will be acquiring Mumbai based crypto exchange WazirX. A transaction of $5 to $10 million has been estimated to seal the deal.  Since the news has been out one thing which has been surfacing is What is WRX Coin?

India’s History of regulations with Cryptocurrency

In past India has been not been very friendly to the crypto industry as they banned banking for crypto back in 2018. Binance understood the huge potential of India has for crypto markets with it’s over a billion population and made a move to acquire WazirX crypto exchange.  India was one of the major contributors in the bull run of 2017 and a lot of exchanges developed in India at that time. With no clear future of crypto in India, it seems to be a bold move by Binance. CEO, Chengpeng Zhao. He said further this move is because of their commitment to Indian people in the crypto markets and their dedication to exploring the blockchain ecosystem in India.

What is WazirX Exchange?

Wazirx was launched in India in early 2018 when crypto regulations were getting strict. Though Wazirx got the initial hit with the ban of banking for crypto in India, they kept moving forward and emerged their peer to peer network. Wazirx’s P2P network is the major USP for the exchange, their P2P network provides the freedom to Indian customers to purchase USDT directly from Indian Rupees.

As on April 3 RBI Lifts Crypto Regulatory ban from India, WazirX has started their Instant deposit services, making it extremely easy for even a new bee to by cryptocurrency.

Register for a FREE WazirX account here.

Binance will start trading Indian rupees Fiat from November 5 on their Fiat platform, and this can be one of the reasons for the acquisition of Wazirx. Wazirx has more than 2,00,000 downloads which makes it one of the largest crypto exchanges in India. With the acquisition of Binance users will be able to trade with Indian rupee more easily.

What is WRX Coin? (WazirX Coin) Native coin of WazirX Exchange

What is WRX Coin
What is WRX Coin

WazirX and Binance share a lot of similarities not just with their way of operations but also with the WRX coin launched by Wazirx. Though it is too early to say anything about the future of WazirX (WRX) Coin, with the Binance and Wazirx partnership heat, has definitely increased in the WRX coins.

WRX coins are now available to trade even on World’s Largest Crypto exchange Binance, They are actively working with WazirX team to support and promote crypto users actively trading in India. There will be a total of 1 Billion WRX as per the WaazirX team.

Binance Sign Up Program has been an Extreme hit in the Past and they are getting popular real quick in India.

You can Buy some WazirX coins by Signing up on the Wazirx platform and making an active trade. So after reading all this information, I think your question of What is WRX Coin? is Answered.  🙂

Signup for WazirX Account here

Mining of WRX Coins Phase 1 ( Completed )

Mining of WazirX coins can be done after the creation of an active Wazirx exchange account. WRX coins can be mined by trading on the Wazirx exchange. Users can earn up to 10,000 WRX per day by actively trading on the platform. Users can easily track their mined WRX with the desktop or Android application for Wazir exchange. Currently, it is not available for iOS users though they will also mine by trading, users can check their mined balance with the web app.

35,000.00 USDT 10000 WRX 533x
15,000.00 USDT 4375 WRX 233x
7,500.00 USDT 1875 WRX 100x
3,750.00 USDT 750 WRX 40x
1,500.00 USDT 312 WRX 17x
700.00 USDT 137 WRX 7x
350.00 USDT 62 WRX 3x
150.00 USDT 18 WRX 1x

Note – Phase 1 of WRX Mining has Completed but Phase 2 will Start Soon, Sign up for a WazirX Account Below

Signup for WazirX Account here

Trading with Indian Rupees made easy as Binance acquires WazirX

Crypto regulations in India made it difficult for the crypto community in India to Buy or Sell their most loved cryptocurrencies. Trading with Indian rupees has been a pain as users had to use multiple networks such as Localbitcoins, Paxful, etc.

WazirX has shows positive results to the Indian crypto community to buy or sell crypto easily with its peer to peer network and Instant deposits. Binance association with WazirX has certainly opened the gates of trust as now World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange will be sharing their experience and technology with the Mumbai based crypto exchange.

So, Is WRX Coin Legit?

After a lot of study and research and looking at the top shot brand like Binance investing in WazirX, I think WazirX is 100% Legit.  In fact, I will go a step ahead and say that WazirX is one of the top crypto trading platforms in India and anyone who is Interested in investing in crypto in India should choose WazirX. Signup for a Free Account with WazirX, Complete your KYC and you are ready to make your Instant deposits. Even the question What is WRX Coin? or WazirX coin has been well answered above.

My Views about What is WRX Coin Future?

If you carefully observe the WazirX story it looks a lot like Binance, How wisely they are using the WRX coin is also commendable. You can imagine the success of WRX coin with this face that, In 2018, WazirX was offering 100WRX Bonus on New SignUps, It got filled real soon. In phase 2 they were again offering 25WRX on Sign Up, that too got filled up soon. The speed with which WRX coin is gaining popularity is amazing.

Currently, with the immense popularity of WRX Coins, there are no Sign-Up Bonuses going on, But Don’t Leave the Chance of Buying Some WRX Coins in your Bag as they are growing every single day.


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