what are zk rollups

What are ZK rollups? Just another path for scaling Ethereum? The cost of using the Ethereum network is increasing day by day and this is arousing the demand for Ethereum scaling solutions. Zk Rollups or Zero-knowledge proof rollups is another solution that promises lower gas fees without compromising security and decentralization. Understanding the Ethereum scalability … Read more

Ethereum 2.0 promises to be more environment friendly, scalable and efficient.

The crypto space is going through a buzz since it’s pegged as a game-changer for the financial industry, however, it contributes massively to rising carbon emissions. bitcoin consumes an insane quantity of energy due to mining through fossil fuels, and it has already brought on international outrage amid issues of weather change. If cryptocurrencies want … Read more

What is Enzyme Finance (MLN) previously known as Melon Protocol

What is Enzyme Finance

  Enzyme Finance an On Chain Asset Management Tool Enzyme Finance is an open-source protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables the setup to build and scale investment strategies built by pooled digital assets.Β  It enables asset managers to create their own asset investment vaults which are a basket of different digital … Read more

Do we have the potential for Gains in Kusama??

KUSAMA Do we have potential for Gains

Β  So, What is Kusama (KSM)? Kusama can be very well described as “Polkadot’s wild cousin.” Kusama is the wild cousin for Polkadot because it is an experimental blockchain ground for Polkadot. It is designed so developers can test their projects on a canary network first before they even plan to launch on Polkadot. Polkadot … Read more

Ether Outperforms Bitcoin as it surpasses $3000

ethereum surpasses bitcoin

Ether Outperforms Bitcoin as it surpasses $3000   Ether with ticker ETH, the digital coin for Ethereum blockchain has hit an all-time high of $3,454 on Binance.Β  Ether extends its rally from the beginning of the year and has seen a price gain of around 360% this year. Ethereum is ranked No 2 in Coinmarketcap … Read more

How to Create an Account on WazirX

Create an Account on WazirX

WazirX is one of the top crypto exchanges in India and it has been following a solid growth rate since it came into existence in 2018. How to Create an Account on WazirX is one of the questions which anyone signing up for a Free WazirX account needs to know. In this article, we will … Read more

Are Indian Banks Processing Crypto Transactions Now?

Are Indian Banks Processing Crypto Transactions Now_

  On April 2018 Reserve Bank of India rolled out a circular to Indian banks to ban any transactions related to cryptocurrencies which led to a huge fall in the value of cryptocurrencies in India.Β  One question which has been bothering everyone since then is, Are Indian banks processing crypto transactions now? A lot of … Read more

OKEx gets into Indian Crypto Market partnering with a Local Exchange

OKEx gets into Indian Crypto Market

In spite of progressing vulnerability with respect to digital currency guidelines in India, major worldwide crypto trade OKEx gets into Indian Crypto Market partnering with a Local Exchange. On Feb. 14, OKEx joined forces with India’s biggest cryptographic money exchanging stage, CoinDCX, to dispatch another crypto prospect item in India. As a feature of the … Read more

What is WRX Coin?

Binance Acquires WazirX

Bianace acquires WazirX Crypto Exchange in India – What is WRX Coin? Is this the Rise of WazirX Coin (WRX) Legit? Complete Review   On November 21’ st Binance in an official blog post has announced that it will be acquiring Mumbai based crypto exchange WazirX. A transaction of $5 to $10 million has been … Read more

Buy Bitcoins without a Credit or Debit Card

Buy Bitcoin without Credit/Debit card

Top 3 platforms to Buy Bitcoins without a Credit or Debit Card The popularity of Bitcoins has been on a rise since the bull run of 2017 and more people are looking forward to investing in bitcoins. This increasing popularity has increased the demand to buy bitcoins. There are a lot of platforms to buy … Read more